Orthopedics - Trauma - Emergencies - Radiology 24h

    • Osteoarthritis, degenerative muscle/bone diseases
    • Trauma, fracture/soft tissue injuries
    • Osteoporosis
    • Back pain syndrom, shiadica
    • Sport injuries
    • Pediatric bone diseases
    • Metabolic skeletal changes
    • Rheumatoid diseases
    • Arthritis, joint dysfunction/edema/pain
    • Tenonditis
    • Trauma/Polytrauma
    • Cervical syndrom
    • Shoulder pain, Rotator cuff rupture, bursitis, frozen shoulder
    • Shoulder instability after luxation
    • Ellbow epicondylitis
    • Carpal tunel syndrom
    • Lower back pain
    • Disc prolaps
    • Hip and knee joint arthritis
    • Meniscus rupture
    • Flat foot
    • Plantarfasciitis
    • Achilles tenonditis/rupture
    • Hallux valgus/rigidus
    • Athlets foot
    • Diabetic foot
    • Scin injuries
    • gout

Dr. Konstantinou works together with 3 of the biggest Privat Hospitals in Athens, doing elective surgery almost during the whole year. Through long time experience in Orthopedic and Sports Orthopedic Surgery we cover any kind of bone injury, when the conservative therapy is not sufficient any more, or if there is an absolute indication for surgical and not conservative treatment.

Examples of using surgical therapies:
    • Arthroskopy (knee, shoulder, ankle, wrist)
    • Total joint replacement (hip, knee, shoulder, ankle, MTP joints)
    • Reposition of luxated joints
    • Carpal-/tarsaltunel reconstruction
    • Trigger finger
    • Hallux valgus correction
    • Hammer toe correction
    • Soft tissue plastic (tendons, ligaments)
    • Impingement syndroms decompresion (shoulder, ankle)
    • Trauma care (osteosynthesis of dislocated fractures, scin/soft tissue plastical reconstruction)


Through the further Education in Foot and Ankle Surgery from The German Society for Foot Syrgery (Deutsche Assoziation fuer Fusschirurgie DAF) we offer twice a week medical consultation concerning foot and ankle diseases, like hallux valgus, hammer toe, metatarsalgia etc.

Complementary we are doing a modern Foot print documentation using Pelmatograph, for the examination of standing and walking of our patients with foot problems.

Foot and ankle Surgery as a combination of Orthopedics and Podiatry sets its targets in the  treatment, diagnosis and prevention of foot and ankle disorders. The training of an Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Surgeon in Germany  takes more than 4 years after the basic training as an  Orthopedic Surgeon.

Having longterm experience in the Foot Anatomy and Surgery we give the wright time to understand the individual problems of each patient, organizing diagnostical steps and therapy strategies in international standards.

Also the development of the children’s foot plays a main role to the late adult foot and ankle consitution. Flat foot, fractures, frequent distorsions are some of the examples taking part to the development of the standing and going of each individual.

Having the wright diagnostical consulting and treatment during the childhood we feel responsible to support foot and ankle health.

Dr. L. Konstantinou is an active member of the German and the Greek Society for Foot and Ankle Surgery, and since many years in cooperation with the Dpt. for Podiatric Foot and Ankle Surgery and Sports Medicine, Palo Alto California USA
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