Dr. med. Loukas Konstantinou

Doctor of Medicine Goettingen Medical University/Germany
Scientific Associate Medical University Athens/Hellas

Dr. med. Loukas Konstantinou MD PhD Doctor of Medicine Goettingen Medical University/Germany, Scientific Associate Medical University Athens/Hellas

Spoken languages in our office

Greek, English, German, Spanish

Philosophy and targets

Nuestra consulta de Orthopedia Traumatologia y Medicina de Emergencia  se queda abierta cada dia todo el ano. Esta abierta 24 horas por nuestra  intention a dar lo mejor servicio medico a los patientes que viven en Mykonos o visitan la famosa isla.

En cada situacion y despues de nuestra experiencia en Amburgo/Alemania, y en los Estados Unidos podemos practicar prevencion, diagnosis and terapia de standards internacional.

El departamento de radiologia acompana la consulta tambien 24 horas abierto para cada necesidad de emergencia.

Tambien los 3 fysioterapistas con sus experiencia grande increcen el nivel de la terapia posttraumatica o postoperativa.

En caso del transporte a una clinica en Atenas tenemos todo el ano la possibilidad de usar ambulancias especial por barco o avion

Queremos invitar os a visitar nos en nuestra consulta y a llamar nos en cada caso de una pregunta o de emergencia 24 horas.

Our target is to provide high quality medical service on the island of Mykonos using international standards in our diagnostical and therapy methods.

Through the experience of my team in Germany, USA and Greece, especial in Orthopedic Surgery and Trauma Treatment, we offer to visitors and citizens of Mykonos safety in case of an emergency situation and health care.

In our disciplines belong the Orthopedic Surgery, Trauma Care, Sports Orthopedics, Radiology and Dietician Consulting.

In case of surgery we organise the transport to a Special Clinic in Athens without losing time, using Certifyied Medical Ambulance, per boat or airplane.

Moving our medical office from Hamburg/Germany to Mykonos three years before we developed it to a main point of care on the island, staying during the whole summer and winter 24 hours on call, included radiological examination in the same place.

The entrance stays directly near the public health centre open, downstairs of the Pharmacy. Also directly near us you find a Pediatrician, Gynecologist, Dentist and a modern Laboratory for any kind of microbiological examinations.

There is of course an easy way to visit us, using from patients with special needs concerning movement and transport.

The speaking languages in our office are Greek, English, German, Spanish, covering all types of private insurances of the visiting countries.

During the year and parallell to the high touristic season Dr. Konstantinou offers his service as a Sports Doctor to the medical committee of the National Team of Wrestling in Germany and Greece, and the two Sport Clubs in Mykonos, having active membership to the Society for Sports Medicine in Hamburg Germany, and professional contact with the Dpt. Of Sports Medicine and Surgical Podiatry in Palo Alto/California USA.

The rehabilitation of our patients, especially after trauma or sport injury is also focuced to a high quality Physiotherapy Team covering all kind of treatment.

At least we keep providing medical research doing since more than 20 years examinations on human skeletal material looking for pathological changes and trying a kind of reconstruction of the human life conditions in past populations.

We invite you to visit us, looking forward to take care of your health and well being on our island of Mykonos

Curicculum Vitae

1989-1997: Studies of Medicine / Georg-August-Universität Göttingen/Germany

1993-2000: Dissertation in Paleopathology / Anatomy Department – University of Göttingen /Germany.

Since 1998: Member of the German Society of Anthropology (GfA)

1998-2006: Medical Education in Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology in Germany.

Since 05/2006: Certificate as specialist for Orthopedics and Traumatology

Since 2001: Member of the German Society for Chirotherapy

Since 2002: Member of the Sports Medicin Association in Hamburg/Germany

Since 2002: Treatment of Sport Injuries as physician oft the sport club for Free- and Greco-Roman Wrestling in Hamburg

24.05.2002: Degree as a doctor for Emergency Medicin

Since 2002: Active member into scientific projects in the Medical department of the University of Athens-Greece

16.11.01-12.02.03: Education in Sports Medicin, especially about care and treatment of athlets into professional Fitness sports

2002−2004: De-Duty Professor of the University of Hamburg, Human Biology Department

Since 2003: Member of the German Association of Orthopedic Surgeons

April 2003: Guest lecturer in the Medical University of Athens

Since 2004: Member of the German Association of Orthopedic Foot Surgery

01/2006: Certificate of the German Association of Orthopedic Foot Surgery

Since 2006: Active Member in the German Medical Group of the National Team for Free- and Greco-Roman Wrestling

2006-2008: Member of the Orthopedic- and Traumatology Department of the Clinic Ahrensburg/Germany, near Hamburg

Since 2006: Assistant Professor at the Medical University of Athens, Museum of Anthropology.

Since 2007: Participation in Education Programs for Foot-Surgery and Sports Medicine at the „Sports and Surgical Podiatry“ Department of the clinic „Palo Alto Medical Foundation“, California U.S.A.

2008: Medical Office for Orthopedic Surgery, Foot- and Ankle Surgery and Sports-Orthopedics, Hamburg/Germany

Since 2009: Medical Office for Orthopedic Surgery, Foot- and Ankle Surgery and Sports-Orthopedics, Athens Greece

Since 2009: Doctor of the Greek National Team for Free- and Greco-Roman Wrestling

Since 03/2011: Medical Office for Orthopedic Surgery, Traumatology and Sports-Medicin, Mykonos Greece

Since 2014: Member of the Scientific Stuff of the Medical University Athens/GR


Medical Association of Cycladen, Greece
Greek Association of Orthopedic Surgeons
Medical Group of the Greek National Team for Free- and Greco-Roman Wrestling
German Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons
German Chirotherapy Association
Sports Medicine Association of Hamburg, Germany

German Society for Orthopaedic Foot Surgery
Medical Group of the German National Team for Free- and Greco-Roman Wrestling
Greek Anthropological Association
German Society for Anthropology
Paleopathology Association

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