Dr. med. Loukas Konstantinou
Dr. med. Loukas Konstantinou MD PhD
Doctor of Medicine Goettingen Medical University/Germany,
Scientific Associate Medical University Athens/Hellas


  • Medical Association of Cycladen, Greece

  • Greek Association of Orthopedic Surgeons

  • Medical Group of the Greek National Team for Free- and Greco-Roman Wrestling

  • German Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons

  • German Chirotherapy Association

  • Sports Medicine Association of Hamburg, Germany

  • German Society for Orthopaedic Foot Surgery

  • Medical Group of the German National Team for Free- and Greco-Roman Wrestling

  • Greek Anthropological Association

  • German Society for Anthropology

  • Paleopathology Association

Curicculum Vitae

Why Our Patients Feel Safe

  • Doctor of Medicine
  • Speciality in Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology
  • Certificate of Emergency Medicine , German Society of Emergency Medicine
  • Speciality in Foot and ankle Surgery, german Sociery for Foot Surgery
  • Education Medical Services in Sports and Fitness, German Society for Sports Medicine
  • 20 Years Orthopedic Surgery and Trauma, German Society for Orthopedic Surgery
  • 10 years Foot and ankle Surgery
  • Visiting Doctor Palo Alto Foundation Clinic, Podiatric Sports Medicine dpt, California USA 2005, 2006
  • 15 years Lecturer and Scientific Associate Medical Chool of Athens/Greece and Goettingen/ Germany
  • 17 years Emergency Medicine

Medical care doesn’t concern only the pharmaceutic therapy, but further the respect of our patients under different individual aspects.

The examination of human skeletal remains from historic and prehistoric periods is the main subject of Paleopathology. The excavation, the cleaning of the founds and the examination of the bone surfaces include a complex system of methods due to reconstruct certain informations of the everyday life of the population.

Parallel to the orthopedic and sports orthopedic work we give also the wright time for medical research, trying to understand the secrets of the human skeleton and muscle system, through the development of common diseases in the past.

Dr. Konstantinou teaches in the Medical University of Athens and takes part to research programs of the Medical University Goettingen/Germany as an associate collegue.

Many of his articles concerning human material from excavations in Greece and in Germany have been published from 1994 until today.

One of the latest results brought the truth about the myth of the ancient Kaiadas near the city of Sparta.

But if we speak about the past we have at first to think about the ancient Delos, the small island near Mykonos with the huge historic value. The place where Apollo, god of the daylight Helios, and Artemis, goddess of the night light Selene were born. Although the surface takes only 6,85 km2 Delos was cultural and financiall one of the most important places in the greek antiquity. Well preserved antique building remains give us an impression of the aesthetic luxury and high quality of life in the ancient Delos.

Our target is to provide high quality medical service on the island of Mykonos using international standards in our diagnostic and therapy methods. Through the experience of my team in Germany, USA and Greece, especially in Orthopedic Surgery and Trauma Treatment, we offer to visitors and citizens of Mykonos safety in case of an emergency situation and health care.

Moving our medical office from Hamburg/Germany to Mykonos three years before we developed it to a main point of care on the island, staying during the whole summer and winter 24 hours on call, included radiological examination in the same place. In case of surgery, we organise the transport to a Special Clinic in Athens without losing time, using Certified Medical Ambulance, per boat or airplane.